AS2 XML Minimal News/Projects Showcase R1

AS2 XML Minimal News/Projects Showcase R1 - ActiveDen Item for Sale



AS2 XML Minimal News/Projects Showcase R1

This module is realized in AS2 and the file can be opened with Flash 8 or higher.

This module has been built to be flexible. It can be used for many purposes. Thanks to its 54 and more XML settings you can use it to list your news, events, projects, services and all those contents that can be listed. Additionally, every content can have a dedicated gallery that can show images, swf files and also flv videos. In one word: flexibility.

The module can have any size, all the colors are XML driven, the text can be resized and automatically positioned on “top”, “center” and “bottom”, every item can have a cover image or swf, the galleries can show unlimited images and videos and much much more!

Main features:

  • 54 and more xml settings.
  • Unlimited number of items. Evey item can have a dedicated gallery that supports images, swf files and flv videos.
  • Automatic slideshow option for the item galleries.
  • The module can have any size. You can easily change it by xml settings.
  • All the colors can be edited by xml settings.
  • Xml path manageable by flash vars.
  • All the texts support basic html tags.
  • The library of the flash file is very well organized.
  • A rich help file is included.
  • Everything is heavily tested and debugged.

Main XML settings:

        newsWidth = "690" 
        newsHeight = "400" 
        newsTransition = "brightness" 
        newsBackGroundAlpha = "100" 
        newsBackGroundColor = "0x4c565d" 

        newsDetailTextWidth = "350" 
        newsDetailTextHeight = "150" 
        newsDetailTextsYPosition = "bottom" 

        newsListOpenFirstItem = "no" 
        newsListMaskHeight = "265" 
        newsListIconsColor = "0xd4f9c5" 
        newsListSelectedIconsColor = "0xffffff" 
        newsListScrollBarLinesColor = "0x5f6b74" 
        newsListDraggerIconColor = "0xd4f9c5" 
        newsListDraggerBackGroundColor = "0x8b0000" 
        newsListSoundsFx = "yes" 

        textScrollBarLinesColor = "0xa9bfce" 
        textDraggerIconColor = "0xd4f9c5" 
        textDraggerBackGroundColor = "0x8b0000" 

        buttonCloseListLabel = "close" 
        buttonCloseListTextStyle = "regular" 
        buttonCloseListTextColor = "0xd4f9c5" 
        buttonCloseListIconColor = "0xd4f9c5" 

        buttonGalleryLabel = "view project" 
        buttonGalleryTextStyle = "regular" 
        buttonGalleryTextColor = "0xffffff" 
        buttonGalleryIconColor = "0xd4f9c5" 

        buttonCloseGalleryLabel = "close project" 
        buttonCloseGalleryTextSize = "10" 
        buttonCloseGalleryTextColor = "0xffffff" 
        buttonCloseGalleryBackGroundColor = "0x8b0000" 

        controlsLinesColor = "0xa9bfce" 
        controlsButtonNewsListIconColor = "0xd4f9c5" 
        controlsButtonNewsListBackGroundColor = "0x8b0000" 
        controlsButtonSlideshowIconColor = "0xffffff" 
        controlsButtonSlideshowBackGroundColor = "0x8b0000" 
        controlsButtonSlideshowTimerColor = "0xd4f9c5" 
        controlsButtonsIconColor = "0xa9bfce" 
        controlsBackGroundColor = "0x4c565d" 

        coversOverlayAlpha = "81" 
        coversOverlayColor = "0x788893" 

        gallerySlideShowInterval = "5" 
        gallerySlideshowAutoStart = "yes" 
        galleryBackGroundColor = "0x4c565d" 

        videoVolume = "50" 
        videoTimeColor = "0xb6b6b6" 
        videoControlsX = "120" 
        videoControlsColor = "0xa9bfce" 
        videoControlsBackGroundColor = "0x4c565d" 
        videoControlsBackGroundWidth = "450" 
        videoProgressBarColor = "0xa9bfce" 
        videoLoadingBarColor = "0x687680" 
        videoBackGroundColor = "0x000000" 

        preloaderColor = "0xffffff" 

Items XML settings:

            <date><![CDATA[<font color="#d4f9c5">Project subtitle</font>]]></date>
            <title><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff" size="24">BANNER ROTATOR</font>]]></title>
            <title_list><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff" size="18">01 / BANNER ROTATOR</font>]]></title_list>
            <text><![CDATA[<font color="#ffffff">Lorem ipsum <font color="#d4f9c5"><b>dolor sit amet</b></font>, consectetur adipisici elit, sed eiusmod tempor incidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, <font color="#d4f9c5"><a href=""><u>quis nostrud</u></a></font> exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequat.<br />Quis aute iure reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint obcaecat cupiditat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.</font>]]></text>
                <item videoDuration="15"><![CDATA[images/news_2/movie.flv]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/01.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/02.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/03.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/04.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/05.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/06.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/07.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/08.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/09.jpg]]></item>
                <item videoDuration=""><![CDATA[images/news_2/10.jpg]]></item>

Enjoy it!