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AS2 XML Minimal Slogan Rotator R2

This slogan rotator is realized in AS2 and the file can be opened with Flash 8 or higher.

The Minimal slogan Rotator is a component to easily create and rotate images and texts. This component can be used within your flash and html websites, also multiple times like in this preview page.

Every single setting is manageable by XML .
Thanks to its main XML settings the slogan rotator can have any size, it can loop, it can have the navigation controls, it can start in slideshow mode and much more… You can use images, swfs or solid colors as backgrounds of your slogans.

Every slogan has its own XML settings. You can change the text color, the text background color, alpha and rotation, the text size, the spacing between each line, the background transition, the exposure duration and you can also set an external link. And, obviously, the slogan text supports basic html tags too.

Main features:

  • 35 and more xml settings.
  • Unlimited number of slogans, images and swf supported.
  • Every slogan can have an external link with “_self” or “_blank” target.
  • Automatic slideshow option.
  • The slogan rotator can have any size. You can easily change it by xml settings.
  • All the colors, positions and visible controls can be edited by xml settings.
  • Xml path manageable by flash vars.
  • All the texts support basic html tags.
  • The library of the flash file is very well organized.
  • A rich help file is included.
  • Everything is heavily tested and debugged.

Main XML settings:

        sloganRotatorWidth = "690" 
        sloganRotatorHeight = "400" 
        transitionDuration = "0.5" 
        loopSlogans = "yes" 
        slideShowAutoStart = "yes" 

        controlsVisible = "yes" 
        controlsButtonsIconColor = "0x000000" 
        controlsButtonsBackGroundColor = "0xeeeeee" 
        controlsButtonsBackGroundAlpha = "0" 

        slideshowControlsDisplay = "autoHide" 
        slideshowControlsLinesColor = "0x333333" 
        slideshowControlsTextsColor = "0xffffff" 
        slideshowControlsBackGroundColor = "0x000000" 
        slideshowControlsTimerColor = "0xaae7e7" 

        dropShadow = "yes" 
        dropShadowDistance = "2" 
        dropShadowAngle = "45" 
        dropShadowColor = "0x000000" 
        dropShadowAlpha = "0.5" 
        dropShadowBlur = "4" 

Items XML settings:

            image = "images/preview_1/01.jpg" 
            imageBackgroundColor = "" 
            imageTransition = "fade" 
            slogansX = "120" 
            slogansY = "220" 
            url = "" 
            target = "_blank" 
            intervalDuration = "5" 
            lineSpacing = "-10" 
            <line depth = "1" textColor="0x000000" textBackgroundColor="0x000000" textBackgroundAlpha="0" textBackgroundRotation = "0" textShadow = "yes"><![CDATA[<font size="50">Sketchbook</font>]]></line>
            <line depth = "0" textColor="0xffffff" textBackgroundColor="0x000000" textBackgroundAlpha="100" textBackgroundRotation = "-5" textShadow = "yes"><![CDATA[<font size="26">book's subtitle...</font>]]></line>

Enjoy it!