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AS2 XML Minimal Website Template R1


Hi guys,

the new version is now ready for download:

Deep linking system upgraded to SWFAddress 2.4, now there aren’t problems with the special characters.

Full screen issue resolved.

To upgrade replace the com folder, the js folder, all the swf and the fla files.

We suggest to set up the new version from scratch using your old XML files and assets.



This template is realized in AS2 and the files can be opened with Flash 8 or higher.

The template is based on the Minimal R1 components serie.

Main features:

  • Deep linking support. Every menu section is linkable.
  • Back/Forward browser’s buttons support.
  • The template can have any size.Thanks to javascript the browser’s scroll bar is activated when needed. (Check the preview n°3)
  • Thanks to the template editable size, you can load every fixed size swf smoothly! Extend the template with your own modules!
  • All the colors are xml driven
  • The logo is loaded and positioned by xml.
  • 2 levels xml menu.
  • Menu items can load external swf or link to external URL .
  • 3 powerful xml driven external modules.
  • You can load every module unlimited number of times. Just create a new xml file for the new module. You won’t need to create a new swf file.
  • Slideshow module. Click here to check its features!
  • News/Projects showcase module. Click here to check its features!
  • Slogan rotator module/utility. (Check the preview n°3) Click here to check its features!
  • Contact module with textual information, full contact form and map. All its contents are managed by xml.
  • Background rotator utility. It can rotate images, swf, videos and colors.
  • Map pan utility. (Check the preview n°3 contact form)
  • All texts support basic html tags.
  • The libraries of each module are very well organized.
  • The fonts used in this template are created by us and are included in the package in Mac/Pc formats.
  • A rich help file is included.
  • Code is well commented.
  • Everything is heavily tested and debugged.

Enjoy it!