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Highly Debugged!

This file has been updated three times and has been tested and debugged.

Great Features!

This template has numerous handy features. Every part of this template can be linked straight from the browser via deeplinking! Mousewheel support is supported for all major text fields. And button validation has been applied to eliminate chances of errors.

Great Support!

I offer full support for all my files. If you need help changing something about this template don’t hesitate to ask. If you spot a bug in the file contact me and I will include the fix in the next update. If you are needing the update sooner I can send it to you via email.*

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Main Features

  • 100% Deeplinking Support. You can link to any content even a single image, video or swf. Plus formatted address names. Plus the %20 fix. Test Deep Linking:
  • All content including logo, background and colours are changeable via XML . Text is html formatted. Special characters are included.
  • Add and remove menu items via XML . Create links and define link type all from one xml file.
  • There is no need to ever create a new swf as you can use the same swf for multiple pages via XML .
  • Button validation reduces the chance of bugs.
  • Audio Module. Choose via XML whether it loops, plays on start, initial volume and specify track.
  • Handy Social Icon Module. Add and remove social icons via xml. Icons are included. Thanksto Komodo Media. (Link in the credits section).
  • Video/Image/SWF portfolio module. Supports unlimited galleries & thumbs. Designed especially for photography & project showcases. Optional Images/Videos scaled to the browser. Plus swf’s are not resized. Video player plays FLV ’s
  • General Use Module. This module powers the Services, News and About Sections in the preview.
  • Contact Module. Fully working contact form with auto responder. Plus extra information.

Fonts Used

For copyright reasons the following fonts are used but not included in the main download. But as long you don’t open the flash file the fonts will remain in the template!

Standard 07_56 Font by Craig Kroeger.

KROEGER 04 _03 Font by Craig Kroeger. He’s got the best pixel fonts you can buy.

Interstate Bold. Available from well known font sites.


Social Icons Pack.
Video Preview by felt_tips. Thanks dude. Visit his profile:

Stock Images are purchased from Fotolia. They are not included in the main download.

Phoenix 8)