AS2 XML Rebrand Website Template


Current version: 1.5

Check your changelog.txt file for more info. If you don’t have this file in your package it means that you have the first release of the template.


The new AS2 XML Rebrand Website Template is one of the best packed flash template ever made by p&k. It comes with several galleries, contents slides, layout pages and functionalities.

It has a 3 levels deep linking system that allows you to share every single content on the most famous social networks, like you’ve never seen before on any flash template. It includes a Twitter reader to show your tweets, a multi media gallery that can play videos, show images, load swf files and also YouTube videos.

Every module and every page can open the main gallery. It is completely XML driven and thanks to its hundreds of settings you can easily edit and control all the colors, contents, sizes, positions and so much more. Last, but not least, it comes with a superb minimal design that won’t disappoint the lovers of p&k style.

This template is realized in AS2 and the files can be opened with Flash 8 or higher.


  • A great design, every detail is studied and nailed!
  • Share any content on the most famous social networks!
  • Multi level deep linking system, every content has an unique URL !
  • Twitter updates fully integrated!
  • YouTube videos supported!
  • A beautiful main multimedia gallery that can be opened by every module!
  • 2 multi categories grid galleries, one vertical and one horizontal!
  • 6 different multimedia slides, 3 vertical and 3 horizontal!
  • A multi column layout module… unlimited types of possible layouts!
  • Long text page with gallery option and Twitter updates!
  • A beautiful contact form with two galleries option!
  • A great music player that is able to play unlimited songs, looping or playlisting!
  • Every content can stop or resume the main music!
  • Hundreds of XML settings to edit basically everything!
  • Custom deep links for every content that support spaces, special characters and any length!
  • A server side system that transform every deep link in an unique page id to share every content on every social network!
  • Custom 404 error page!
  • Well, so much more!
  • A rich help file is included.
  • Code is well commented.
  • Everything is heavily tested and debugged.

Enjoy it!


Music was created by DanielKeller and can be purchased here:
- http://audiojungle.net/item/intense/97071
- http://audiojungle.net/item/digital-age/103569