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AS3 e-Store

AS3 e-Store

A Powerful Dynamic Web Solution

e-Store powered with ASUAL SWFAddress and it support 2 level deeplinking.

Advantage of this 2 Level Deep linking
With This Technology you be able to access each Product with a direct Link, a great Idea for your Product Advertisement and Sharing.

What’s new in this Shop?
• Smooth Design with dynamic Product Categories and unlimited Product support
• Special Preview Box for Music and Video Files
• PHP Share Module on each Product
• PayPal Secure Digital Delivery via an email after each confirmed Order
• Dynamic Code for Shop Highlight Colour just by one click: 0×0099CC
• Fully XML driven Shop Labels
• Fully XML driven Product Properties like Names, descriptions, Photos and Prices

Shop Detail Boxes
There are 3 Type of detail Boxes that we used for this shop:
• Global Preview that we used for all Products except Music and videos
• Music Preview needs id=”music”
• Video Preview needs id=”video”

Shop Dynamic Highlight Colour
Just open and edit TemplateColour.txt, it will change the Shop High Lights Colour Overall!

Shop Product PHP Sharing Module
You can Share each Product with entering an email, the Shop will send an Email including direct Link to that Product.

Shop Advertisement Banners
Shop Home Page, powered with two fully XML dynamic Advertisement Banners that let you make a great presentation of your new Goods!

Shop Social Links
You can easily add your Facebook, Twitter and RSS links on your Shop Panel via XML

Special Thanks to Tim for Sharing his awesome Sound Tracks.

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