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AS3 inner popup windows class with xml support

AS3 inner popup windows class with xml support

no support on this file any longer! consider this new popup instead http://activeden.net/item/dynamic-as3-popup-class/98559

August/27/2009 UPDATE

  • update made to make white spaces in dynamic texts out of consideration and you can set your external html texts easier and cleaner. all download files are now updated.


What Is It?

This AS3 class will help you create an unlimited number of popup windows for your flash site. And the good feature which I implemended in it, is to make the content load on demand which means that you can have a million popup windows stored in the back of your flash and each one has different contents like videos, flash animations, images, texts, etc but they will not kill your bandwidth nor your CPU usage because they will load only when you open them and also they will get destroyed/removed when you hit the close button! :) so practically, add as many popups as you like and don’t worry about anything else. but keep reading below because you will hear about some exciting features of this popup class.

What Are The Main Features?

- Color, size, font, style can be set dynamically. - How the popup will be shown and its animation can be set dynamically. - It’s a complete OOP considered class, you may add content in anyway, from db, from amfphp, etc. but I have already added the XML bonus for you. - the content of this popup class can be a library item, an external image, external .swf file, dynamic html text. - nicely coded in oop and you can add even your own Scrollbar to the popups! or use mine as I recommend. - size and location of popups can be set dynamically. - popups are dragable - popups can be placed into any MovieClip! although I recommend adding them to the main stage so they will stay on top of everything else. - Popups have an internal preloader for external contents.

What Are The Technical Features?

- Content is always of type MovieClip which enables you add anything to it as your content. - The popup window will try to kill all running processors of the opened content when you close it. - To save even more bandwidth, popup will kill the download process if you close it and no hidden downloading won’t happen. - If you’re loading an image to be shown on the popup, you don’t have to explicitly declare the width and height of the popup as it will read the binary meta info of the image in a fraction of a second and set its dimenstions accordingly!!! even before loading the image entirely.

hmm, let me think… well, I can list even more great features about this popup but I think these are the most important ones you need to know.

Let’s have a quick look at the two main methods of our popup class: the first one is the add method which actually creates the popup and its content in it:

myPopup.add("name", content, "Title", width, height, x, y);

sweet right? now you may ask how you can show a popup when a button in your site is clicked, right? well, here it is, just call the pop method and send your popup id like below:


And that’s all :) I really couldn’t think of an easier approach of having a good popup class. I think this class can really be useful in any flash website as it’s very easy to be used and very handy.

Where to use it?

Maybe you have a website full of information and you need a way to present the information without making your visitors bored by looking at messy crowded pages!

Maybe you want to play some videos on your site and need a handy place to put your video clips into!

Maybe you want to load the big versions of your images and have no space left in your page, or maybe you’re tired of all those traditional galleries!

I don’t, maybe you just want to show off to your colleges and say that you have a professional flash popup class in your website! whatever it is, just enjoy it :)