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A Fully Dynamic Flash XML LED News Ticker in AS3 .
You need just paste your Text or Texts in xml file, the Ticker shows all of them in a clean Loop.
Ticker has prepared in 2 Standard Banner Size 468×60 – 728×90, there is also a special version With Radio Sound & Light Effect for DJs or Dance Club websites.
Tickers Source Files:
Each Ticker Size has a separate source. There is also different source files with different LED Light Type (LED1, LED2 and LED3 *)
LED3 is not suitable For Ticker in 468×60 PIXEL

Ticker Text Format:
Texts are in CDATA format and user is able to set a Link on each News Text.

Ticker Text Style:
Texts styles can be set in CSS file like Font Size, Link style on Mouse Over, etc…

Ticker Font Size:
Open news.css and set your new one: font-size: 60px

Ticker Text Vertical Alignment:
Open newsTicker.xml: valign=”-86”

Ticker Speed Setting:
Open newsTicker.xml: speed=”5”

Ticker Colour Setting:
Easily set your Ticker Colour in color.xml file: Color LED =”0×990000”

Ticker Special Version Setting:
For Special Version you need also a Radio URL to make the Light Effect Active, just open setting.xml and set your Colour and Radio URL as: Color LED =”0×990000” Radio=””

Ticker Special Version Logo:
It’s simply a dynamic Image and comes from images folder, Size: 162×197 PIXEL , PSD included.