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Hi, I recently bought the component. Really nice work!

I am now trying to use it in my project and I’m having an issue.

I have a movieclip on stage named Workspace and its linked to a class. Now I am loading an image inside this Workspace MC and want to add Transformer features to it. As soon as I init Transformer and pass my loaded image to it, the image gets out of the Workspace MC to stage’s 0, 0 position.

Workspace MC is also hosted inside a ScrollPane component (Flash Pro CS6). For just testing, I removed the ScrollPane for now, but I still face the issue that the loaded image goes out of the Workspace MC to stage’s x=0 and y=0 position.

I want the Transformer to let the loaded image to stay where it is, and just allow the transformation to the image in-place and inside the same MC.

Looking forward for some tips to get around with this issue.



I want to hide the custom cursor… how can i do that?. Please Reply ASAP


on line 873 of the Transformer.as class, comment the line:


Then the default cursor will disappear.

Is it possible to limit the area something can be transformed within? Like a bounding box that won’t allow the user to drag the object outside it?

Can you please tell me how to add the listeners in order to be able to do something when someone deselects the object?