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AS3 Scrolling Package

AS3 Scrolling Package

A useful scrolling package for as3 that enables you easily build a scrolling text block, position it, and choose which of the parameters you like to use all with a few lines of code. Some of these include:

•    Top and bottom arrow
•    Scrubber that sizes according to the scroll size
•    Scrubber track which you can interact with
•    MouseWheel/Trackpad enabled
•    Resizable on stage.resize
•    Gradient mask (customizable to the pixel)
•    Setting the width and height
•    Setting the header and scroll copy

The scrolling graphics are designed within the Flash IDE . So you can use Flash to change the look and feel of the elements as well as the fonts.

Other parameters you can customize are

•    arrowOffset - distance of the arrows from the scrollbar
•    scrollEase - (.1-1) ease of the scroll
•    barShrinkage - if you want the bar smaller than the scrolling text set this number, measured in pixels.
•    arrowIncrement - how fast you want the scroll to move when you press the arrows (0-1)
  • File size includes embedded font and external AS Classes.

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