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AS3 Shoutcast Player

AS3 Shoutcast Player

Updates on 12.01.2013
Player now support Shoutcast servers like:
Shoutcast V1.0(SHOUTcast Server Version 1.9.8/Linux)
Shoutcast V2.0(SHOUTcast Server Version
Important: no support for SHOUTcast Server v2.0.0.29/win64

Here you can check your radio Server with Javascript PHP Demo Player before any Purchasing.

Sample Skin included in download file with complete seperate source files.

This is a Fully Dynamic Compact Radio Player with special design and functionality. This player initialize itself first with a XML file, grabs the Song Title & Song History from shout cast server and show them on Radio Panel
* not compatible with AAC/P streams

What’s new in this Player?
• AS3 version
• New design with Real Audio Equalizer
• Fully XML Dynamic Labels
• XML Dynamic Colour for Player Elements[ EQ | SONG HISTORY BUTTON & TEXT]
• Modified Song History List
• Dynamic Radio Station Name
• Dynamic Radio Logo
• Refreshing the Player automatic if USED MEMORY becomes bigger then 70MB

Good to know before your Purchase
• Player needs a server with PHP support
• Player doesn’t support Shoutcast V2.0
• Player support only MPEG Streams, no AAC/AAC+ support