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AS3 XML Smooth Drag & Drop Gallery Stack Template

AS3 XML Smooth Drag & Drop Gallery Stack Template

This brand new Actionscript 3 content viewer will be perfect for any portfolio, image viewer, or conceptual website template.

Here are the many many features:

• Complete XML configuration file
• Display images and / or SWF
• Optional HTML Text description with CSS styling
• 2 types of slide navigation : Double-click / Menu click
• Free slides positioning with Drag & Drop actions
• Slide belonging : 1 link =1 slide and/or 1 link = multiple slides
• Extra XML slideshow gallery SWF
• First slide can have a dedicated menu link or not
• Smooth and realistic slide movements
• Associate sounds to slide movements
• Force slide alignment while dragging with Caps key
• Optionnal slide auto-align after mouse drag
• Hide/Show navigation menu with M key
• Align slide on top with A (stands for « align ») key
• Rebuild stack with CTRL key

Plus, you get comment source codes and a full documentation explaining how to edit the XML file, the Fla and CSS .

In this demo, you’ll experience all the keyboard actions, text description, firstSlidehasLink is Off, and slideAutoRealignAfterDrad is On.

Do no hesitate to ask your question or contact me for customization.