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AS3.0 XML FullScreen Button Component

AS3.0 XML FullScreen Button Component

Due to popular demand, we’ve created an ActionScript 3.0, XML version of our AS2.0 FullScreen Button Component.
Guys! You know the headache when you need to finish your project quickly, but then you just sit in front of your screen and browse countless websites and tutorials, trying to figure out a quick and easy way of adding fullscreen functionality to your website?

And the clock is ticking. And you need to get the project done. In no time. Besides, you’re sick of searching for the “magic” solution to your problem.

Well, search no more, ‘cause here’s one small, cute, drag-and-drop Flash BUTTON utility that will definitely come in handy. And, even if the above scenario does not apply to you, there’s no reason for our AS3.0 XML FullScreen BUTTON Utility to miss from your “Useless widgets – until you need them” collection. Just launch the demo and give it a whirl to better understand its simple, yet great functionality. Don’t forget to use the Escape key to exit the fullscreen state, and note the component being aware of that particular event.

F E A T U R E S:
  1. High-performance TweenLite class, included in the package
  2. Right-click driven functionality – can be disabled in XML if you don’t need it
  3. Easily set up the color of the component GUI in XML
  4. You can completely hide the component GUI and only keep the right-click custom menu by editing the XML
  5. You can hide the text label and only keep the rectangle animation, by editing the XML
  6. Use the Hand cursor or not on BUTTON roll-over, by editing the XML
  7. Smart enough to know when the Fullscreen state has been exited via the Escape key
  8. Code is very well explained with detailed comments
  9. Detailed, 3-page PDF documentation guide including code examples and a usage scenario
  10. Drag’n’drop usage
  11. Extremely easy to use

Flash CS3 + CS4 files are included in the package.

If you’re looking for an Actionscript 2.0 fullscreen utility, check out our AS2.0 FullScreen Button Component, it’s fairly similar to the AS3.0 one.

If you need further support, don’t hesitate to contact me, as always, I’m glad to help!


Please, do us a favor and rate our files :) And, of course, comments and questions are always welcome. Thank you so much!