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Asset Manager - CMS and File Editor

Asset Manager - CMS and File Editor

Asset Manager – CMS and File Editor

This is a full featured CMS for creating, editing and updating files on your server. It is plenty robust enough to edit content with, and here you can even find a screencast of me building a simple website with it using flash, javascript, css, html, and images. (It’s only 4 mins, I cut the parts of me typing long sections of code.)

Folder Structure

When setting up the CMS you decide what folders are editable. The user can choose from these folders on a drop down list. Folders within those folders will not be read automatically, they can be another one of the editable folders in the list though. If you only configure it to edit one folder then it will just automatically default to that folder and no drop down box will be shown.


This allows users to browse their local computer to upload files, or to choose locations to download files to. All active uploads and downloads are monitored and can be viewed or cancelled by rolling over the activity rotator that appears beside the upload or download button.

File Renaming

Files in the allowed folders can be renamed easily by selecting the file and then hitting the Rename button.

File Deletion

Files in the allowed folders can be deleted easily by selecting the file and then hitting the Delete button.

File Creation

You can make new files (useful for making text based editable files such as HTML, XML, CSS, or JS). Just click the “+new file” button.

File Preview

Images that are readable in flash can be previewed directly in the CMS. HTML files can be previewed in a new window/tab. Just select the file and then click the Preview button.

File Editing

Editable text type files (HTML files, XML files, CSS files, JS files, and text files) can be edited right in the CMS. simply select the file and then the Edit File button.

Syntax Coloring

If you are editing a code type file (HTML files, XML files, CSS files, and JS files) then the editor optionally allows you to use syntax coloring. Relative to most Flash the syntax coloring used is extremely fast since it use RegExp, but it is still not as fast as c++ based code editors (like Dreamweaver), so the coloring is not as thorough (and not as perfect, test and make sure it is satisfactory BEFORE purchasing). And it is not very fast for extremely large files, so therefore you have the ability to turn it off using a checkbox, and the status of that checkbox will be remembered each time you open the CMS.

File Icons

Many icons are used to easily identify different types of files. Most of the icons are represented in the preview. Though there are many types of files that can use one icon (for example many sound files all use the sound icon). If I missed a type that should apply to one of the icons, then email me through my profile and if it is a popular file type (that would be on a server) then I will add it.

File Type Restrictions

You may edit an external list of allowed file types. This way you can make the system as secure as possible for your specific use. Only file types in that list can be read, written, edited, deleted, or modified in any way. Any renaming or uploading is also checked for proper file type.


During the build of this project a lot of attention was paid to security. The scripts were also submitted to security experts for review before this was posted to FD. So I can assure you that there are many security measures to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access, AND to prevent logged in users from abusing the CMS. That being said, no system is ever 100% secure, and I am not responsible in any way for the security of this system. Putting anything up on the web comes with risk, and this is not excluded. If you are a security expert and find a weakness, please email me through my portfolio so that I may make it better.


This project was very thoroughly tested for bugs, so likely you won’t run into one. But in anything this large and complex they are bound to exist. So if you do find one, email me through my portfolio so that I can be aware of it.

READ: This file DOES require php on your server to run. If you have problems with the php not working you need to consult your host, since it is issues specific to your server.

Server side scripts are completely dependent on your server and how it executes them. This file has been around a long time and still has a great rating, so it is obvious that it works on the grand majority of servers. And I also have used it (100% unaltered) for many clients, and have never had a server it doesn’t work on. But that being said, since there are tons of different ways a server can be configured, and tons of different versions of PHP, and new versions of PHP that are newer than this file, there will be a small percentage of servers that this simply doesn’t work on. If you plan on buying this you should note that with ANY file that involves server side scripts there is at least a marginal chance that you’ll need to hire a freelancer to make modifications specific to your server.

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******** UPDATES ********

April 25, 2009

Download file has been updated, new features are:

1) files are automatically shown up in alphabetical order

2) from the upload dialogue box you can select multiple files at once for uploading

3) enter button saves and escape button cancels while renaming files.

4) double clicking on previewable files automatically shows the preview

If you have already purchased, redownload :)

******** UPDATES ********