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Australia & New Zealand XML Map

Australia & New Zealand XML Map

Australia and New Zealand XML Map

XML driven map of the Australia and New Zealand. Easily configure map colors, state outlines and gradient visibility and alpha level from an easy to understand variable list.

Map Features

  • Easy customization through color variables. Change map color, rollover color, state abbreviation and capital city names and map/state outlines.
  • Turn on or off each states rollover gradient, change the gradient transparency
  • Scroll bars appear automatically if content overflows the text box.
  • XML content is formatted with HTML, add links, images, text formatting to any text area through the XML files as you would to any HTML document.
  • State and territory flags are included with the xml.
  • Tool tip state names are editable through the Actionscript.
  • State capitals are contained on their own layer and can be easily removed.
  • State abbreviations added for easier navigation, also can be easily removed from map.

Updates Dec. 4th 2008

  • Fixed backward compatibility problem.
  • Buttons ease out on mouse off.
  • Improve customization of map through easy to edit color variables.
  • State abbreviations added.
  • Improved text scrolling.
  • Preloader added.
  • Cleaner, easy to edit tooltips.
  • Cleaner directory structure.

Map Color Customization

// Map Color 

// Outline Color

// State Abbrivation and City Colors

// RollOver color

// Sample rollover gradient customization 
_root.caButton.overButton.gradient._visible = true;
_root.caButton.overButton.gradient._alpha = 30;

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