Need some realistic balloons for your Flash project? These are rendered in 3D (raster image) and coded in both ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 (two file versions included). Add this animation to a specific location on stage, or use it as a background for your project.

There are many parameters in the code to customize including:
  • Number of balloons
  • Balloon color
  • Starting location (x and y)
  • Balloon size
  • Alpha transparency
  • Vertical speed

Code is well-commented for ease of use.

Balloon animation is contained in its own movieclip – just drag-and-drop onto any layer of your project. (Balloons layer will be obscured by higher layers.)

FLA file in CS3 format – Coded in ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 (both versions included)
AS2 version can be published for Flash Player 8 or higher.
AS3 version can be published for Flash Player 9 or higher.

(Note: The “Project Example” shown in the preview above is for illustrative purposes only. The cardboard box and background scenery graphics are NOT included in the downloadable files.)