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Banner for website V5

Banner for website V5

Update 27.I.2009:
  • An error was corrected who are turning up after opening a file fla.
Update 24.11.2008:
  • you can embed fonts in the file fla

Banner for website V5:
  • You can load jpg, png and swf with one’s animation
  • Any animation of the photograph (you are giving positions and dimensions of taking in the xml file)
  • Photographs are reading the background carefully. You are awaiting only a first photograph for embarking
  • Random loading oneself of photographs (in xml file variable RANDOM_IMAGE=true/false)
  • You can add description text to the images
  • You can change position x,position y, alpha background and size TextField description in xml file
  • You can add unlimited images
  • Style sheet
  • Button Tools (prev, next and start/pause slide) editing in the file fla.)
  • You can change Tools visible (in xml file variable TOOLS_VISIBLE=true/false)
  • You can change pathway for css file (in xml file variable URL_CSS)
  • You can change time tween alpha (in xml file variable TIME_ALPHA)
  • Autoslide start – true/false (in xml file variable START_AUTOSLIDE=true/false)
  • You can change size slider ( in xml file variable NEW_WIDTH and NEW_HEIGHT)
  • You can change smoothing enabled/disabled for image

Include file:
  • classes file (*.as)
  • fla file
  • swf file
  • xml file
  • css file ( style.css)
  • image and fonts used
  • swfObject
  • html file
  • help file ( help.pdf )

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