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Banner Rotator 4

Banner Rotator 4

Included are:

  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Flash CS3 , Flash CS4 ++


  • No knowledge on Flash needed.
  • XML driven content
  • Time period for each banner is set in XML
  • URL links for each image set in XML
  • TransitionEasingDuration time is set in XML
  • Btn color + btn icon color + text color set in XML
  • autostartSlideshow set in XML / true/false
  • Sample embed html file

How to modify xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<banner texbgalpha=".7" txtwidth="500" bannerheight="300" preloadercolor="0xFFFFFF" btnbgcolor="0x000000" titletxtsize="35" btniconcolor="0xFFFFFF" btnoveralpha=".5" countertextcolor="0xFFFFFF" bannerwidth="590" contentbgcolor="0xFF0066" btnoutalpha="0" contenttxtsize="16" contenttextcolor="0xFFFFFF" titletextcolor="0xFFFFFF" transitioneasingduration="1" autostartslideshow="true">
        <item title="Keyboard" time="6" img="images/1.jpg" content="Keyboard shortcut support, press right-left key to navigate." link="" />
        <item title="URL" time="8" img="images/2.jpg" content="URL links for each image set in XML" link="http://activeden.net/user/tigerworks" />
        <item title="Time" time="6" img="images/3.jpg" content="Time period for each banner is set in XML " link="" />
        <item title="SWF" time="6" img="images/swf.swf" content="swf content" link="" />
        <item title="Limit" time="6" img="images/4.jpg" content="Unlimited number of items" link="" />
        <item title="Slideshow" time="6" img="images/5.jpg" content="Auto slideshow mode" link="" />
        <item title=" - Character" time="6" img="images/6.jpg" content="À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ à á â ã ä å æ è é ê ë ì í î ï ð ó ô õ ö ù ú û" link="http://activeden.net/user/tigerworks" />