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Banner rotator classic

Banner rotator classic

XML banner rotator with delay time, menuPosition, textPostion, and more features,total 16 settings parameters available in the xml file.


1. Vector based
2. Resizeable
3. Easy to use
4. You can set Menu Position at Top, Buttom, Left, Right
5. You can set Text Position at Top, Buttom, Left, Right
6. Auto Switch or not
7. Pause Auto Switch on mouse over or not
8. You can load JPEG , PNG, GIF images and SWF files

– number
height – number
displayIndex – 0 ~ n what item you want to display first
autoSwitch – true or false
– true or false
delayTime – 1 ~ n
menuPosition – Top, Buttom, Left, Right
menuScrollSpeed – 0 to 100
textPad – 0 ~ n
textSpace – 0 ~ n

Item Property
title – title
img – img path
imgLink – link
imgLinkTarget – link target _blank, _self, _top, _parent
textPosition – Top, Buttom, Left, Right


Q: how do i use it?
A: you can follow How To Use, step by step, if it still hard for you, where is a easily way to use it,
there is a finish sample file, you can just open source.fla and select file->export->export movie publish it

Q: why my rotator got wrong size?
A: please make sure you set stage width and stage height in flash program
and set width and hieght in xml file

Q: why my image files or config files doesn’t load?
A: please make sure your file path is right, you can try to use fullpath
ex: c\:imgs\img.jpg , http://anysite.com/images/img.jpg

Q: how do i embed more special characters?
A: please use flash to open source.fla and open library
to find BannerRotatorClassicFloder->BannerRotatorClassicItemTextHorizontalText->text_txt
and BannerRotatorClassicFloder->BannerRotatorClassicItemTextVerticalText->text_txt
to embed special characters