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1. How to set different font sizes for specific words?

You can change the font size by inserting usual HTML <font /> tags with size value, but addition to that, you need to change the value of textSize parameter into blank:

2. If the content is an SWF, it doesn’t displays correctly.

Keep the first frame of the content movie without any Animations. This is for better performance at the time of transition and loading. The banner will play swf file from 2nd frame once the previous transition completes and swf completely loaded.

Also in the first frame, place a transparent rectangle having same width and height of the banner. This is to measure the height and width of the content properly.

3. Is it possible to remove the text and blur background?

Yes, to do so, simply remove the caption text from the xml file. (If you need to display text and not the blur bg, set textBackgroundBlur="no" )

4. After implementing my images through xml file, the banner stops when it reaches a particular image. Why?

This means something wrong in the xml code after that image. Check if the xml code is structured correctly near to that image details.

5. How to make the links to open through same window instead of new window?

In the XML file, below each link you can see the following parameter:
Just make its value to _self:

6. The links with target value “_self” doesn’t opens. How to fix this?

Usually this happens when your html and swf files are located in different domains. This is a limitation of Flash player. In your html, If you set flash parameter “allowScriptAccess” to “always” it will work. Before implementing, go through
this technote released by Adobe.

7. How to remove the brightness effect on image that appears on Rollover ?

In the banner.fla you can see the following code in the first frame:
Just uncomment it.

8. The banner doesn’t works if the xml or image files placed under different folders.

If you prefer to place the xml file under different directory, you need to specify the path of xml file through the flashvars. It should be relative to your html file. Example:
so.addVariable("xmlPath", "myFolder/data.xml");

In the same way, specify the image paths relative to your html file. Ofcourse, you can use absolute path also.

9. The images doesn’t gets updated after editing the xml and always shows the data of old xml file. How to avoid caching the xml file?

A random query string at the end of xml path can avoid caching the xml. It can be done in 2 ways. If you are inserting Flash using swfobject method, you can just add a javascript in the following way:
so.addVariable("xmlPath", "data.xml?q="+new Date().getTime());

Instead of html, if you like to implement the same through flash, open the banner.fla and inside the movieclip “BannerMc”, replace the following line:
with this line:
xmlData.load(xmlPath+"?q="+new Date().getTime());

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