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Banner Rotator With Vimeo And Youtube Support

Banner Rotator With Vimeo And Youtube Support


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This is a basic banner rotator which support Vimeo, Youtube and your own videos, which can be embed in wordpress. And you can custom the vimeo player’s color, size, position etc via xml by a simple text editor like notepad.
And please note that due to the API limit, only the built in video player support the fullscreen.

Features include

  • Driven by pure AS3 document class.
  • XML driven content, optional XML location.
  • Media support image and video, so you can custom it to a image or video gallery.
  • Video support Vimeo, Youtube, or you can host the videos by your own server.
  • Sequence loading, the background images will be loaded one by one.
  • Optional shadow and it’s position.
  • Optional text clip with HTML support.
  • Resizeable, optional background size and video size.
  • Optional link style: _blank, _self or _parent.
  • Images support many file type: jpg, png, gif or (basic)swf.
  • Videos support flv (sorenson, on2), mov (h.264), or mp4.
  • FAQ , the .as and .fla files are included in the source package.


The pictures are from photos8.com
Two videos are from Alex

Screenshots of the xml

    assetWidth="860"    // width of the background(image)
    assetHeight="400"    // height of the background(image)
    contentInCenter="yes"    // display the content in 
                            the center vertically or not
    contentOffsetY="0"    // the y offset of the content
    buttonOffsetY="24"    // the y offset of the buttons
    showShadow="yes"    // display the shadow or not
    shadowWidth="630"    // the width of the shadow
    shadowOffsetY="-8"    // the y offset of the shadow
    autoPlay="yes"    // auto play the video or not    
    textPadding="1"    // the padding between each textclip

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