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Banner rotator

Banner rotator


My latest file (XML banner rotator with creative captions):

\\ \\

BANNER ROTATOR description:

Professional looking banner rotator which rotates your images and swf files using five different transitions.

Rolling over i button will show extra text (description). You can hide/unhide any sort of button (numbers, forward, backward, pause and info button), so you can have any combination you prefer. You can choose between 5 different transitions:

- Blur X (blur along x axis)

- Blur Y (blur along y axis)

- Alpha (fading from one image to another)

- X (movement along x axis)

- Y (movement along y axis)

In preview I used Alpha.

Many parameters of banner rotator can be changed via XML:

- transition type

- value of blur effect

- dimensions, visibility and position of first text container of each banner

- dimensions, visibility and position of second text container of each banner

- color of buttons

- color of roll over effect of buttons

- image size

- alpha value of buttons

- Font and size of text used on buttons

- time of each tween (seconds)

- time each slide is shown (milliseconds)

- visibility of text

- URL for each image of each banner

My banner rotators:

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Other files:

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Formating of text is done via CSS, so you can for instance format only certain words in text (color, bold, size,...).

Banner rotator FAQ:

1. How to add photos (swf)?

<item tween = “alpha” tweentime = “1” speed = “5000” tweentimetext = “2” textvis = “true” URL=”http://activeden.net/” path=”test1.swf” type =”swf” textHolderVisible = “true”/>

Add code above to the end of XML file

2. How to change button colors of banner rotator?

Change values of fields redOffsetButton = “0” ,greenOffsetButton = “0” ,blueOffsetButton = “0” to values between 0 and 255 to play with color variations of buttons.

3. How to change transition type of banner rotator?

Change value of transitionType to the desired transition. You have five possibilities: alpha, blurx, blury, x and y. You can test all in preview

4. How to change size of buttons of banner rotator?

Change values of fields buttonW, buttonH in XML to desired size.

5. CSS, XML and text files.

When you upload swf (banner) to server, xml, css and text files should be in same directory as swf file. You have two text files, first one is used for upper text (title), second one is used for lower text (info or description). Note that when you add more images in XML you also need to add lines to both text files (it can be an empty line).

6. Need more help?

Contact me via email to get more help concerning this banner rotator. Thank you.

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