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Black Velvet XML Template with Deep Linking

Black Velvet XML Template with Deep Linking

Black Velvet XML Template 2.6

Full flash xml loaded website template. Uses swfAddress to enabled deep linking to all pages on the site.

There are 7 built in page modules, all built with ActionScript classes:

  • Content Module
  • Album Module
  • Bio Module
  • News Module
  • Schedule Module
  • Gallery Module
  • Contact Module
  • Each page module is customized through individual xml files.

    You can also load external swf’s as pages to give you an unlimited number of pages.

    Other Features:

  • Unlimited (Infinity) menu system that allows an infinite number of sub-pages
  • Breadcrumb menu system that allows the user more control over their navigation
  • Built-in PayPal shopping cart.
  • More information can be found within the preview!

    What’s NEW from Metaphor Creations:

    Update Log

    VERSION 2.6 (Updated 10/06/10)
    • Fixed a bug in the “GalleryPage.as” file that cut off the bottoms of the thumbnails.
    VERSION 2.5 (Updated 9/11/10)
    • Album modules are now able to have multiline text (text doesn’t overlap). All pages are now set to reset when a user navigates away from the page.
    VERSION 2.1 (Updated 12/16/09)
    • Fixed bugs with the contact page/bio page contacts, as well as the published filename of the .swf. Modified the bio and album pages so all images show first.
    VERSION 2.0 (Updated 11/30/09)
    • I have fixed a minor bug in the music player as well as an embed font issue. I have also made quite a few updates:
      1. You can now easily set the menu as a horizontal menu or a vertical menu.
      2. I have added the ability to add up to 2 options to any of your paypal products.
      3. I have added extra options for external swfs… allowing you to override the width & height and set X and Y offsets for positioning.
      4. I have added a preloader for videos.
      5. I have added the ability to add info to each of your schedule items.
      6. I have updated the css file to make it easier to set your own font attributes for text/buttons within the site.
      7. I have add options to the xml files to make it easier to change the color of buttons and certain other elements of the site (some color setting is still a manual process).
    VERSION 1.2 (Update)
    • I have fixed a couple minor bugs, and have enabled the mouse wheel for macs. I have also added the feature to disable the music player and/or the paypal cart.