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BLUR Random Logo Switcher Panel

BLUR Random Logo Switcher Panel

Due to popular demand, we’ve created this cool widget – a greatly improved version of our 3D Random Logo Switcher Panel. Just like its predecessor, this component allows you to randomly display and cycle through lots of small logos/images of your choice in a unique and smart way. It can be customized by simply altering the default XML attributes’ values in the XML settings file, and by replacing the external logo assets with your own.

F E A T U R E S:
  1. Flash Component architecture, with only 1 optional parameter to be set up – the path to and name of the XML settings file
  2. High-performance TweenLite class, included in the package
  3. can be used as a stand-alone Flash application, or you can include it into your existing Flash project – drag-and-drop
  4. liquid structure, you can set it up to fit any area you need
  5. very light filesize – less than 9 KB
  6. each thumbnail can be set up to open an URL of its own when clicked
  7. you can also set up the window you want each link to be opened into – i.e. _blank, _self etc.
  8. Code is very well explained with detailed comments
  9. Detailed, 5-page PDF documentation including screen captures and a usage scenario
  10. Easily add links to buttons
  11. Drag’n’drop usage
  12. Extremely easy to use

Within the XML you can set up 19 parameters, just make sure to try out most of them in the working preview above.

Both Flash CS4 and CS3 files are included in the package. Flash 8 sourcefiles are available upon request.

If you need further support, don’t hesitate to contact me, as always, I’m glad to help!


Please, do us a favor and rate our files :) And, of course, comments and questions are always welcome. Thank you so much!