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Is the preview file included in the main zip file?

Yes it is.

Is the preloader included in the main zip file?

Yes it is.

Do I need to know Flash to use this file?

If you only want to modify the values such as language description, logo or customize the color, the answer is NO, you don’t need it. You can modify them from the XML file.
If you would like to customize the included design, change the current formulas used to calculate the results, change the animation or modify other type of parameters, then the answer is YES , you need a little bit of experience on how to use Flash.

Where did you get the formulas?

This has been a long research to develop this calculator. I have read different sites and articles related to health sciences.
Every single formula used for the project is well commented into the Flash file and the URL address is provided for your knowledge. There are some interesting formulas that are not allowed in the project since an authorization from the author is required.
You may want to contact the author and get permission of its copyright.

Why sometimes when switching from length measurements, there is a change into the text boxes and the length appear to be inaccurate?

These is due to calculation between the metric and imperial system formulas.
Converting from Meters to Feet and Inches
For example, a true conversion would be something like:
1.74 meters = 5 feet and 8.503937007874 inches
1.75 meters = 5 feet and 8.897637795275585 inches
1.76 meters = 5 feet and 9.291338582677156 inches
1.77 meters = 5 feet and 9.685039370078727 inches
1.78 meters = 5 feet and 10.078740157480311 inches
1.79 meters = 5 feet and 10.472440944881882 inches

For practical purposes, the calculator will round the numbers and will display something like:

1.74, 1.75 and 1.76 meters = 5 feet 9 inches
1.77, 1.78 and 1.79 meters = 5 feet and 10 inches

Converting from Feet and Inches to Meters
For example, a true conversion would be something like:
5’ 9’’ = 1.7526 meters
5’ 10’’ = 1.778 meters

For practical purposes, the calculator will round the numbers to the closest calculation and so on.

Is it possible to use this calculator to know the BMI for children and teenagers?

No, I don’t think so and I don’t recommend or suggest to use it for those purposes.
There are a lot of articles and many documentation which mention a lot of variables to consider while calculating the BMI for people under 18 years. This calculator has been developed only for adults.
You may consider this advice if you want to use in a different way.

Is the AS2 version available with the download package?

No, it is not. The main reason is that the changes between AS2 and AS3 for this particular file are remarkable.The code needed to be redone again. Even the if the design is almost the same, I have spent a lot of time to write the new code for the AS3.
If what you need, is the version for AS2, then you can buy it ath the following link:
You may consider this advice if you are thinking about using this file into an AS2 project.

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