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could be great to be able to throw it :)

Or to watch it turn into an eagle as it finishes loading. Oh yeah, and then fly away.

carrot Purchased

Emailed a longtime ago and author made no effort to contact me back. NO SUPPORT .

1) This is not easy to implement into your project. Yes, you can drag and drop the simple preloader movie clip onto the stage, but you have to still do all the coding, attach eventlisteners, add actions to a function, etc.

Why the H* would i buy a simple preloader like this for a AS3 project when basically i would still have to code from scratch?

I could of just spend the time on one of the AS3 preloader tutorials on the web and made this, which is the reason I did buy this, so that i could have a ready, drag-and-drop, functional preloader to use asap instead of spending hours on what preloader tutorial method to use, etc.

Very unhappy, at the very least this guy could of contacted me back. Deadbeat, Cannot recommend this author, and as far as his snake game, you can easily find a tutorial/license-free tutorial/source on the web.

People like me usually buy little flash stuff like this for the development aspect.

Sorry for this, but I think your mail got lost in the other mails.

This is easy to implement! Yes you have to attach an event listener, so this preloader can be used for different projects, in some projects the preloader must start the timeline in other projects the preloader has to load another movieclip! Attaching an event listener is very simple and is explained in the info file, it will only cost you 5 seconds!

And yes this is a simple file, but it also has a simple price!

good work mr.lars019

i have buyed, i’m happy with my two balls…............