Brandable Customisable Analogue Clock

This is a widget to make it easy to create and embed a uniquely branded analogue clock into any web page, or any other Flash project you need one in. Here are some of the benefits…

‘Drag and Drop’ publishing – The clock is a completely standalone piece of Flash – just copy and paste the clock into your own movies, and publish !

100% Vector – meaning you can scale / resize the clock to suit the size of your project, with no loss of quality or pixelization artefacts.

Extremely compact – only 4kb in size.

100% configurable – All of the major properties (colours / transparency) are controlled by single well named variables, so you can completely transform the look by changing a few numbers. This makes it very easy and quick to create completely new looks to match the style and colour scheme of any project.

‘Logo’ symbol to simplify ‘branding’ – the design has a ‘your logo here’ symbol to brand the clock. Just drop your logo or image into that symbol to perfectly personalise the design.

All symbols are discreet and editable – If you want to go even further and edit the shapes / fonts to create completely original clock creations, you can. No compiled components are used, and every symbol is well named and editable.

‘Continuous sweep’ can be on or off – The sweep (second) hand and minute hand have editable movement. They can continuously ‘sweep’ (moving fractionally and constantly) or use a ‘click, click, click’ movement, where the hands change instantly as each unit of time (seconds and minutes) go by. This behaviour is changed by editing a single variable.

Visual style can be changed – Altering the transparency of key design elements, you can vary the design between a very ‘flat’ cartoon type look, up to a more 3D / realistic / shaded style, and many degrees in between.

Have multiple clocks in a single movie – because the ‘Clock’ symbol is entirely self contained you can use multiple clocks simultaneously, each with their own separate settings.

Define ‘Time Zone’ offsets – you can define a clock as having up to +/- 12 hours difference from the user’s computer clock. This, plus the ability to have multiple clocks on stage opens the way for making ‘World Clock’ widgets.

Preview version included in source – This makes creating your own colour schemes easy and quick as it can done visually just as in the version above.

Detailed documentation – A full breakdown of the clock, all it’s elements, and every line of Actionscript is included.