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Breakable Crate Prefab

Breakable Crate Prefab


• Breakable crate prefab
• Scripted for customization
• Resizeable prefab
• 1024×1024px resolution UV mapped textures and bump
• Layered textures, easy to change visual appearance (moss can be removed by simply turning off the layers)
• Made for free Unity3D
• Well commented code
• Object is 1 mesh until broken, for performance
YouTube video preview
PM me if you need a specific breakable object.

Code Sample

var fragments: Transform;                 
//Place the fractured object
var waitForRemoveCollider: float = 1;     
//Delay before removing collider (negative/zero = never)
var waitForRemoveRigid: float = 10;     
//Delay before removing rigidbody (negative/zero = never)
var waitForDestroy: float = 2;             
//Delay before removing objects (negative/zero = never)
var explosiveForce: float = 350;         
//How much random force applied to each fragment
var selfBreak: float = 100;             
//Delay before break the object even if it does not collide with anything 
var selfCollide: boolean;                 
//Does the fragments collide with other fragments, and other convex colliders
var physicMat: PhysicMaterial;             
//Physical material attached to each fragment
var durability: float = 5;                 
//How much physical force the object can handle before it breaks
var resetOffScreen: float;                 
//Reset the object to its original state after given seconds
private var fragmentd: Transform;        
//Stores the fragmented object after break
private var counter: int;                 
//Counts how many particles attached to fragments
private var broken: boolean;             
//Determines if the object has broken or not

Updated Item

• New version 1.1
• Extreme performance increase (1040 draw calls to 40, on idle)
• Merging fragments to one mesh
YouTube video preview

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