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UPDATE v1.1 / 26/10/2010

Few changes have been made in the file. There is no need of changing your customized xml, just upgrade the swf from deploy folder in the new zip package to your project deploy files.

- Important change on projects module. If project comes with only one item it will display directly, without the thumbs screen. So you link a concrete project directly in the main menu.

- Solved a small bug of main menu.

- Solved a small bug on contact form y contact module.

- Few improvements in the code for better perfomance.

How can i open my site in a concrete section/module?

It’s easy. You can use deeplinking feature calls to get that working. For example, to open the site in the projects section. Just take a look at the url of your project section in the browser. Will be something like http://www.yourdomain.com/#/the_projects

Then, in your index.html file, you need to redirect to that internal path (#/the_projects). You can redirect using different methods, but a nice and easy one is using METAS.

Add this in top of your index.html file, maybe the first one, just below the tag.

< META HTTP -EQUIV=”Refresh” CONTENT =”0; URL =#/the_projects” >

Obviuosly you need to use a valid swfaddress id of your project xml settings. The above is the default one of the provided deploy template.

How can i leave the menu fixed (always open)?

Open the fla. Go to library, edit “menu_drop_down” MC that is inside 000_MENU folder. Layer codes. Go to line 62. Convert to comments all the statements between line 62 and line 69. Then add this line at the end one codes (after line 95):


This will disable the button that open/close the menu and will open it by default on init.