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first try – 18 second try – 41

Awesome game im addicted already! This would make an amazing site preloader…

ha ha ha!, funny :) ... only 22 points on my first attemp

Need a High Score Implemented. Sombodddy get on that. Lovin the blood

Try hitting Tab then Spacebar :P Cool game!


cokoli Purchased

5 thousands stars here! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha, thanks cokoli.

and for all you guys who’ve been cheatin’ with that tab/spacebar thing (you know who you are), the fix is in, but it’s still in the queue it to get put up there:)

thanks for the tip, sniper.

“most awesomest bloodthirsty game ever”? hahaha compelo, you crack me up:)

very very cool :D:D Reminds me of the super cool “Smash the fly” example game in Flash 5 if anyone here remembers it :)

i like this game.. cheers :)))

Hey, I’ve purchased this game and my client likes it. I’ve changed the bugs to bad bacterias (I imported them as .psd) and it looks fine. But here’s a small request from me. I would like to also add in a good bacteria. Do you think that I can add any code where if I hit onto the good bacteria, the points will be deducted and of cos, if I hit onto the bad bacteria the marks will increase as per your original flash file. my email’s galfman2@hotmail.com Thanks a lot.

46, i love this game, awesome job dude :D

hey dudes,

hahaha sorry, just haven’t been up here for a while. just happened to be checkin’ around and i see some people gettin’ a kick out of these guys. just wanted to say thanks. and galfman, i’m emailing you now, but if you changed the bugs, you shouldn’t have any problem changing the scores. in the library are bug0, bug1, and bug2. inside each one is a “points” variable. just set that to whatever you want added to the score when you smish that bug. so you could just make one 1, and the other one -1.

thanks again, bid

A fly swatter would be really cool and add some difficulity.

hello great game and fun, especially when the crush and explode hahaha. See if the score can get a picture. Example: If you hit more than 20 featured a dead fly, if crushed more than 30 other fly with crazy eyes. Very fun!

owenkorb Purchased

Love this game!! I can’t get the Score to work =( I embedded it into my Wordpress website www.BlackJackAnimation.com under the button “Games”



hey owen,

hahaha thanks. looks cool with your new graphics. hey so… i think your score’s workin’ fine. the score text just happens to be selectable, and i can click in the score area, select it and copy it, and paste it somewhere so i can see it going up. here’s the only thing. it was very light on a black background, and you moved it to a very light background, so now you just don’t see it there. just change the color of the score dynamic textbox (dtScore) on the main timeline and you should be good. I admit i’m a tad puzzled why the word Score shows up because in the original, that’s all one textbox and score text should be the same color as the word but… hopefully this points you into the right direction. -bid

a2010 Purchased

If you’re using CS5 , some of the fonts won’t show up because they’re not embedded according to CS5 standards so you’ll have to do that, I think that’s the problem Owen is facing as I had to fix the issue myself when I worked on it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, look for the text fields and then go to “Text” select “Font Embedding” and embed the font using the options given. It’d be nice if the file was updated to already have this issue addressed to make it more compatible with CS5 for less experienced individuals.


hey a2010,

well cool, thanks for the look-at. i thought it was kind of odd the the word Score: showed up but not the numbers, but i guess since those characters were already in there, they got embedded. haha and i confess, i hadn’t picked up cs5 until now. anyway…

so yes, an overall fix was even nicer than updating to cs5. apparently cs3 didn’t care that the fonts were embedded at all, and they weren’t. embedded them in cs3, and now when the fla is opened in cs5.5, the embed comes across properly there too. so the newest code has just been updated and still works down to cs3.

thanks again, a. -bid