Calender Icon - Weather feed, Date & Time Display

Calender Icon – Weather feed, Date & Time Display

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All Weather Icons are made from their own movieclip so you can modify the colour or even create your own set of weather icons.

Weather forecast is fed into flash from yahoo weather via rss feed.

easy to change to whichever city you like to display weather

• Date and Time reads from Computers Internal clock/date

Customize the look and feel of each individual element:
• hour
• minute
• day
• month
• temperature
• weather icons

remove/add any of them easily

• Military / normal time

• change colors
• change fonts
• change background

easy to apply to your existing websites, to add that extra flare for your clients!!

you can also change the words for the day so it appears as shortform, or normal, or in any language such as french, italian, spanish, etc.

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Easy to Drag and drop this widget too any of your existing flash projects