Frequently Asked Questions

The template won’t open on my Mac locally

Some Mac’s have security restrictions with regards to the Flash Player. And the technologies we’ve used in the template, specifically deep-linking and the Mac mouse-wheel fix, are usually the culprit.

To test locally, in Firefox, open “master.swf” directly in the browser. You won’t have this problem when the template is online.

The template works locally but won’t load online

Check to see if your file names have upper-case letters. And then check to see if the upper-case letters are used in the xml. Locally, the browser usually ignores upper-case letters in file names, but online it is often case-sensitive.

Check to see if the files were uploaded successfully. For example, if the site loads but maybe the video page does not, this could mean the following:

- page background does not exist online – page module does not exist online – module’s xml file does not exist online – module’s images/videos do not exist online

Check to see if the xml has any parsing errors. An easy way to do this is to use Firefox and view the xml file itself in the browser. If no syntax errors are found, you will see all the xml content. But if an error is found, Firefox will show you a message saying there is a “parsing error”. If a parsing error exists, it likely means that something went wrong while editing the xml file. Try to see if you can find the xml error, and if not, maybe start editing from scratch again with the xml file that came with the source download.

A page isn’t loading

See: “The template works locally but won’t load online” above

Also, make sure that no two deepLinkURL’s in the “menu.xml” file are the same.

Twitter isn’t working?

Twitter will only work online. Your account must be set as “public” as well (meaning anyone can see your tweets).

I can’t find my Twitter ID?

Go to your Twitter homepage and underneath your name on the top right in the menu choose “Switch to Old Twitter”. Then you’ll see the RSS feed icon like in the help file image.

I’m still having problems viewing the template locally?