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CarouselDesigner v1

CarouselDesigner v1

CAROUSELDESIGNER V3 is now available on Flashden! \\

This highly advanced carousel has a lot of properties that you can easily change in the xml file. To show you the possibilities i added a lot of these options in the preview (click above :)). Play around with the sliders to get some nice effects.

Some features that you can’t see in the preview:

- The linking has some nice properties. You can choose whether the link is an external URL, a frame number or a frame label. You can also set the target (either “_blank”, “_parent”, “_self” or “_top” when the link type is “URL”, or a movieclip reference (from _root) when it’s internal.

- Caption text (tooltip) can be set in the xml file.

- You can load not only image files, but also swfs.

Note: when you put a lot of images in there and images overlap they sometimes start flashing. This has been fixed in v2, see below

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