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CarouselDesigner v2

CarouselDesigner v2

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CAROUSELDESIGNER V3 is now available on Flashden! I strongly recommend this version: same price, more features! V3 has everything v2 has, and more!

29-09-09 Validated xml and fixed some bugs

In this version I’ve added all wishes people would like to see in CarouselDesigner and have told me about in the past 3 months. I’ll tell you what’s new (and what’s old) in short:

New Features This version allows you to choose whether to show a tooltip box, a subtitle with the caption text, or both! Now you can also have more lines of text in your caption.

If you want to make various carousels, but don’t want to upload a zillion copies of the viewer.swf file, you can now choose a xml file defined in the html! So now you only have to make several .xml files.

You can now autoRotate the carousel. Just choose an interval for how long the carousel should show an image in front before it rotates again. If you don’t want this function, just disable it!

Another new function is that you can put an object in the center of your carousel. This can be done very easily, it’s all in the documentation file.

Last, but certainly not least, you can now activate a loadMovie command when an image is pressed. This means you can easily use the carousel as a navigation for your flash website.

Bug fixes The v1 had a bug causing some images to flash when there were a lot of images in the carousel. I’ve fixed this bug, now you can put in as many images as you like :)

Also, you can now safely loadMovie this carousel in any of your projects, without messing up the reflection.

Furthermore you can now load swfs instead of images without losing it’s functionality. In v1 all button actions in the swf were disabled, now you can choose whether to enable or disable these.

Old features The following features were also available in the v1.

The carousel can load jpg, png, gif and swf files (png, gif and swf files may be transparent, swf files may be animated).

The carousel offers a great way of linkage. ou can choose whether the link is an external URL , a frame number or a frame label. You can also set the target (either “_blank”, “_parent”, “_self” or “_top” when the link type is “URL”, or a movieclip reference (from _root) when it’s internal. As stated above in this new version you can also choose to loadMovie a file.

Well documented This file is very well documented. To show you here’s the documentation file:

Carousel Designer v2 documentation

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