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This is my rendition of the very awesome Canabalt , featuring extremely simple gameplay with an Indiana Jones-esque theme.

Hold the mouse button to jump. Hold longer to jump higher. Collect coins and don’t fall!

Coded in ActionScript 3.0

  • UPDATE 28 June 2010: Falling debris animation, more obstacle types and player animations, Fire, Ice, and Water. In-game banners
  • Improved performance. Bitmap backgrounds ( Vector graphics included in package ). Dynamic stage quality ( sets to “low” if game slows down ) </MENU>
  • UPDATE 02 July 2010: Added Head to Head version. Play locally against a friend. Controls: SPACE for player 1, and ENTER for player 2. If a player falls early you can still keep collecting points using the mouse!

  • 100% vector graphics. Cute tweened animations.
  • Entire game packed into a single movieclip.
  • Easy to resize, works perfectly in any dimensions.
  • Many customization options for tweaking the level of challenge the game provides. </MENU>

    Incoming Updates:

  • High Score System? Maybe…


    The font used in this game is JFRock by Jester Font Studio

    The sounds are courtesy of the free sound project.

    Credits go to these authors for their great sound samples: Prozaciswack, RHumphries, pushtobreak, HerbertBoland, hello_flowers, rutgermuller, CGEffex

    Please rate my file, I’d appreciate it :)

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