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Chameleon Template

Chameleon Template

Better Together

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12 Mar 2011
  • Now you can create a Home section with content
  • “logoURL”: Sets a custom URL for the logo. Recommend when using Home as a main section.
  • Hide / Show sections by using special property “hide”
  • “FixedSize”: a new feature for video sections to specify a specific size to the video component.
  • Special characters issue on Contact form solved.
  • Zoom Icon for gallery sections
  • “galleryTooltipColor”: Specifies the color of the albums title in galleries
  • “galleryTooltipBackgroundAlpha”: Specifies the amount of alpha of the title background in galleries
  • “imageGalleryAlign”: Specifies a custom alignment for images on gallery sections globally.
16 Feb 2011
  • “contactInputBackgroundColor”: Now you can manage a specific color for input background.
  • “videoControlsEnable”: Specifies whether to video controls are visible in the component on video sections.
17 Ene 2011
  • New features added: “backgroundSlideshowAlign” and “enableCounterOnGallery”. Now, you can specify the align of the background images and also show or hide the number of Album on galleries.
  • Added a special property “useLoaderContext” to load content (images, XML, etc) from external servers.
  • Bug fixed on the background music player.
  • Custom target (“_self”,”_blank” ) for Social Networks URLs

23 Nov 2010
  • Bug fixed in Grid Sections
  • Custom align for gallery images added
  • FlashShopPlugin updated to the last version

20 Oct 2010
  • New Client section
  • FlashShop Plugin included
  • SWF section Optimization
  • Bugs fixed

15 Sept 2010
  • Deeplink on galleries
  • Deeplink on News
  • AutoPlay videos on Text Sections
  • SWF section Optimization
  • Home section change (XML structure)


ChameleonTemplate is a template with sophisticated and elegant style, It has a special feature, It can change colors as a Chameleon. It allows to create a variety of contents. It can be used for multiple purposes and adapted to any need and It’s fully customizable.


ActionScript: 3.0 version only.
Flash IDE: CS4
Flash Player: Flash Player 9 or higher
PHP Version: PHP5 or higher


  • Unique design
  • Fully developed object-oriented (OOP).
  • XML driven.
  • Easy customization.
  • Global Colors: With little changes, enjoy a new look.
  • Chameleon Effect: Customizes colors for each section.
  • Automatic color detection in galleries.
  • Audio playback.
  • Slideshow background.
  • Video control “All in one”.
  • Content Modules: Texts, Clients, Galleries, Videos, External Links, Contact, Grid, Custom, News.
  • Social Networks: Add a shortcut to your favorite social networks.
  • Unlimited Image Galleries.
  • Upload your own logo.
  • MouseWheel support for Windows and Mac.
  • Only 160KB.
  • TweenMax: Powerful animation engine.
  • Resizable.
  • Only 170KB.

Assets Credits used in this template

Fonts used in this file can be founded here:
PF tempesta seven

Photos by:
Gil Gautier

Videos by:

Audio by:

I really thank to these great creative authors for let me use his media files.

Any Bug or Question??, please contact me here