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chipOff Fracture System

chipOff Fracture System


• High resolution 4096×4096 textures, UV mapped
• Unique custom glass shader specially made for this project
• 1x Pillar model fractured into 100 fragments, 2x Wall Models (100 and 150 fragments), 1x
ZombieStatue (21 fragments) all pre-fragmented to work with the system.
• Includes all materials, textures and models viewable in the demo.
• Commented code to explain each variable
• Control every aspect of the effect with ease.
«YouTube video preview»


• Update Version 1.1 – 13.02.2012
• Extreme performance increase (1040 draw calls to 40, on idle), this is a must have update.
• Now it is possible to have hundreds of fractionable objects in a single scene at once!
«YouTube video preview» 160 pillars running smooth
«YouTube video preview» fracture floor
• Updating previous versions should only require replacing scripts, no meshes or prefabs need to be replaced.


• All models are pre-fragmented, it is not possible to fragment a mesh directly in Unity.
• Zombie model is made from a free model



1 – forceMax – Maximum force put on fracture fragments when chipped
2 – forceMin – Minimun force put on fracture fragments when chipped
3 – chipOffScale – Scales fracture fragments after chipped
4 – selfCollideDelay – Delays fracture fragments from colliding with other fracture fragments for, this will make fracture fragments nonsticky and always fall to the ground.
5 – disableDelay – Disables fracture fragments after chipped, 0 never disable. (seconds)
6 – disableRigidDelay – Disables rigid body after chipped, 0 never disable. (seconds)
7 – disableCollideDelay – Disables collider after chipped, 0 never disable. (seconds )
8 – fracturableDelay – Delays effect from start and reset. (seconds)
9 – rotateOnHit: int – Rotates randomly when hit (random degrees * fracture.hitPoints(0-1))
10 – collideChipMagnitude – Chips fracture fragments on collision magnitude (0 disabled, 5 good, 25 max)
11 – chipAllOnOne – True > chips all fracture fragments from base if one is chipped
12 – fractureShadows – High performance may want to enable shadows
13 – fractureRecieveShadows – High performance may want to enable shadows
14 – fractureMaterial – Easy change material on fracture fragments
15 – fractureMaterialChipped – Change material on chipped fracture fragments
16 – particleOneShot – Attach a particle emitter from project, this will spawn on ever chip
17 – particleDelay – Delays spawn of the particle emitter
18 – cloneFractures – Add clones of each fracture fragments when chipped (increased effect)
19 – chipMass – Each fracture fragments mass
20 – pMat – Adds physic material to each fragment, can be null
21 – softNormals – Experimental alteration of normals
22 – mouseOverChips – True will trigger fracture fragments to chip on mouse over
23 – hitPointDecrease – Amount decreased from fragment
24 – addBaseScript – Adds “chipOffBase” script to the base making it clickable to reset fragment

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