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Christmas Break

Christmas Break

This holiday animation/e-card is a virtual escape from an otherwise hectic day. Sip some cocoa, read the paper, take a nap, or view your custom holiday greeting, all with the soothing sound of a crackling fire. Great for clients, relatives, or anyone else needing a few minutes of relaxation.


  • AS3: Flash CS4 and above, and AS2: Flash 8 and above
  • Customizable holiday greeting
  • Fully editable text
  • 640×480 resolution

Editing the custom greeting

  • A copy of the custom greeting movieclip is located on frame 1 on the “notes” layer in the FLA file.
  • Simply double-click to edit the movieclip and customize the text, add photos, or add your company logo.

Editing the text elements

  • All text elements can be found on frame 2 on the “notes” layer in the FLA file.
  • Text changes made here will be reflected in the published file. Layout or placement changes will need to be made in the actual movieclips found throughout the Flash file.
  • The main font used in this file is “AdLib BT” which can be found freely on the internet, or at a link provided in the downloaded file.

Editing the newspaper graphic

  • A copy of the newspaper movieclip is located on frame 3 on the “notes” layer in the FLA file.
  • Double-click this movieclip to edit.
  • To make a custom newspaper, make the “newspaper default” layer into a layer guide to exclude it from the published file, or simply delete this layer. Change the “newspaper custom” layer from a guide layer into a regular layer. Double-click the “newspaper_custom_mc” to edit it.
  • NOTE: The newspaper graphic in the AS3 Flash files has been updated to say “Holidays” while the one in the AS2 Flash files have the original “Christmas.”

Editing other graphic elements

  • External PNGs of the background room, the fireplace fire, the mug, the default newspaper, and the blank newspaper are included in the downloaded file for you to edit and reimport into Flash if you like.

Publish the SWF file with your edits and you’re all done!