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nice work. take a look to my customization!


Ooooh my God!! This customization is really great, it has inspired me.

Many thanks for share it with us :)

Hi there. Would really like the music to keep playing after the lights scene. Is there a way to do this ? When the arrow is clicked it stops the music, so can you have it so the music keeps playing ?

Thanks, Alan

Hi! Evolvedublin,

Unfortunatelly there isn’t an easy way to do that. But you may try do something changing the AS3 source code:

  1. Open Global.as located in src/app/: Add the variable mplayer at the end of the var settings. Line 79 aprox.

         letterSpacing: 1,
         musicTrack: null
     /* Store a global reference of mplayer  */
     public static var mplayer:MusicPlayer;
  2. Open Scene1.as located in src/app/display/: Change the following code: Line 171 aprox

     // Creates the music player
     if (Global.settings.musicTrack)
         _mplayer = new MusicPlayer(Global.settings.musicTrack, false);


     // Recover the instance from Global
     if (Global.mplayer) {
         _mplayer = Global.mplayer;
     // Creates the music player
     if (Global.settings.musicTrack && !_mplayer)
         _mplayer = new MusicPlayer(Global.settings.musicTrack, false);
         Global.mplayer = _mplayer;
         //_arrow.onClick(_mplayer.pause); // Comment to avoid pause when arrow is cliked.
  3. Open Body.as located in src/app/display/: Add the following code at the begining of the method showScene1: Line 137 aprox

     protected function showScene1():void
         // Add this
         if (Global.mplayer) {

I don’t sure, but this could be helpful for you. I haven’t tried it.

Thanks for you purchase!

PD: You don’t forget, you need to test the movie (compile)

Great! this done the trick, just needed to add:

import app.media.MusicPlayer;

to the top of the Global.as and everything now works! Thanks for the quick reply and solution.

Hi! I’m really happy that the changes works for you!, I only forgot to add the import line, thanks for your contribution.

Hi goTo

i wanted to change the colour of the background to green – but there doesn’t seem to be any code in the ChristmasLights_MD.fla file? How would I go about changing the background? i would presume I need to export the swf file again?

I also need to change the switch around!

Worked out that it works in CS5 but Not CS6.

OK – downloaded Flash CC and it works on that… just not CS6 then. Thanks for your help ;)

NOPE – sorry, still NOT working in CC, my mistake

hi there.

where can i change the font? yours does NOT support german umlauts (ä, ö, ü). :(


please, how should I do to add a link to initial image – StartGroup1.png – in Scene1?

Thanks a lot and best regards


ps: congratulations for your Christmas Lights __