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Cinematic xml backlight intro and text effect

Cinematic xml backlight intro and text effect

Backlight intro performs high quality, realtime visuals with just a fraction of the size needed by a prerendered flv showing the same effect.

Just edit a simple external xml configuration file to add your images / titles / soundtrack and set desidered timings.

Assets don’t need to be fully loaded for playback to start as this intro behaves like an ordinary progressive video:

  • it buffers a small amount of data, then playback starts
  • remaining data is loaded in background while intro is running
  • in case of a slow connection, it can pause and resume playback once the buffer is filled again.
Flash IDE is not required: only external assets are used for XML configuration, images, soundtrack and fonts. There’s no limit on intro duration or text/images, all timings are customizable and compensated to keep A/V sync.

Background options

  • Realtime audio spectrum visualizer
  • External background image
  • Customizable gradient

Easy Website Intro

Just place as default page for your site and define (by xml) the page to open when intro ends.

Pure Actionscript 3.0 OO design, extensively tested in Flex Profiler, includes:
  • Ready to use SWF with 5 examples templates / xml configurations
  • Extensive documentation in PDF format
  • Flash IDE FLA
  • Flex Builder project
  • Flash Develop project

Audio assets in this preview

Example 01 – not included, for demostration purpose only
Example 02 – included, original audio by Scott Wills
Example 03 – not included, from AJ author Leto


This item requires flash player 10

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