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City Fade Preloading

City Fade Preloading

An ease, peaceful city fading preloading, which gives your site’s visitors a comfortable feeling while them entered in.

Easy use and flexible adjust with xml.

XML Node Explanation

    <!--the argument for the effect-->
    <!--the generated building width limit-->
    <!--the generated building height limit-->
    <!--1:use perlin,0:not use perlin-->
<!--The words list for display,just fill the word you want show,
        no limit of the words number-->    
<words scalemax="1.6" scalemin="0.7"><!--the scale range of the word in visual-->
    <word>Company Name</word>
    <word>Your Slogan</word>
    <word>City Fade</word>
<!--the tween frames for word show-->
<!--the tween frames for the percent data show-->
<!--the dealy fade out argument-->

Easy Use Sample

//the stage’s align and scalemode setting
stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT; 
stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

//do the init
var cityFadeEffect:CityFadeEffect = new CityFadeEffect();


//in the loading progress event
function progressProc(evt:ProgressEvent):void
    //update the progress number
    cityFadeEffect.loadedPercent= Math.floor(Number(evt.bytesLoaded)/Number(evt.bytesTotal)*100);
function cityFadeListener(evt:Event):void
    //fade in your main content


The author of the great preview audio which been used here is NikiN. If you are interested with it, you can go to below link to buy:


If you have problems using this city fade preloading or want to modify the code for your own specific needs, just leave a comment here let me know.

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A cool and general purpose 3d infinite rotate image/media grid/wall gallery, with smooth transitions, clean style and lots of XML argument adjust, which is very flexible to satisfy different kinds of needs.

Key Features

1. Make efforts to implement infinite 3D rotate effects, which could be interactived with mouse.
2. Carefully treat the interactive behavior in 3d environment. Make the transitions smooth, clean and trustable.
3. The 3D interactive could be adjusted through some arguments, like perspective radius, vertical offset , rotate speed and icon pop up z depth.
4. Build with Flash CS4 3D API , which requires no 3rd-part 3d package, makes it very light(only 60kb for the gallery part) and extremely easy to be integrated into your original project or to be modified for your own needs.

1. XML Driven, Dynamic Smooth Refresh Solution with xml.
2. Support Fullscreen both for the whole application and the video player.
3. These features of the image icon could be customized: the image grid row number and column number, the icon width/height, bg color, border width/height, the width/height between the two icons.
4. Tooltip on/off.
5. Pre/Next functions when in the highlight status.
6. Information text field for the highlight status, with html and scrollbar support, autohide.
7. The background color and alpha of the whole application could be customized.
8. Carefully treat on memory recycle and performance.
9. Build with AS3 , both support flash cs4+ and flex builder 3+ (pure actionscript project, with flex sdk 3.4+).
10. Well organized UI resources in fla, good formatted/commented code and documents.

1. The media (video/audio) player used here is a solid one which has been sold on activeden (my product), check it here:
With simple style but full functions, makes the media play part become very stable and trustable.
2. Smooth played time seek for video/audio player (an improvement of the NetSteam.time, which is unstable), buffered status included.
3. Draggable for the loaded part.
4. Loop, Autoplay on/off.
5. Play, Pause, FullScreen(for video player) and Sound Control.

XML Node Explanation

<radius>1150</radius><!--the radius of the rotate wall circle-->
<offy>0</offy><!--the y position offset in vertical-->
<rownum>3</rownum><!--the image row number-->
<colnum>7</colnum><!--the image column number-->
<rotatearcspeed>0.0002</rotatearcspeed> <!--the roate arc step for the wall-->                
<logo offx="10" res="imgs/logo.png" offy="10" link="http://www.activeden.net" />        
<bgcolor>0x000000</bgcolor><!--the whole background color for the gallery-->
<bgalpha>0</bgalpha><!--the whole background alpha for the gallery-->
    <maskcolor>0x000000</maskcolor><!--the color of the highlight mask layer-->        
    <maskalpha>0.7</maskalpha><!--the alpha of the highlight mask layer-->
<tooltip>1</tooltip><!--tooltip on/off 0:off,1:on-->
        <extended><!--the extended part for the bg around the image icon-->
    <width>200</width><!--the unit's width and height-->
    <w_tween>10</w_tween><!--the width len bewteen two icon images-->
    <h_tween>25</h_tween><!--the height len bewteen two icon images-->                    
    <offz>50</offz><!--the unit pop up depth(recommand:0-100)-->


<title><![CDATA[]]> </title>
<information><![CDATA[]]> </information>
<link />
<!--optional parameter-->
<!--the image width&height limit for the resource, which will be zoom to this size and keep ratio-->
<autoplay>0</autoplay><!--0:not auto play,1:auto play,default:1-->
<loop>0</loop><!--0:not loop,1:loop,default:0-->            
<bgcolor>0x999999</bgcolor><!--the bgcolor for the player tool bar bg,default: 0xe6e6e6-->

Easy Use Sample

Sample Code 1
//the stage’s align and scalemode setting
stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT; 
stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

//do the init
var    imageGallary: ThreeDRotateWall = new ThreeDRotateWall();
    //do init before add it to the stage.

Sample Code 2 (Smooth Refresh Mode)

//the first init

//as there is a fade out effect when doing dispose, its need a listen function to get the end of dispose

//….sometimes later
imageGallary.dispose(); //dispose before re-init

private function galleryDisposeOver(evt:Event):void


The author of the great preview videos which been used here is Dorde. If you are interested with any of them, you can go to below links to buy:
The author of the great preview audios which been used here is Slats. If you are interested with any of them, you can go to below links to buy:


Any suggestion or feedback on improvement or bug report is welcome. Please contact me through m/user/wakin1984) or leave messages here.


Dolphin, XML Driven App Template, compatible with iPad and iPhone, with many exciting features, suitable for Ebook/Slideshow creation, coming to CodeCanyon now. Check Highlight Video here
Visit http://handymood.com for more information.


  • Full XML Driven (Confing xml and generate App without writing one line of code)
  • iPad&iPhone Compatible (It’s universal project in XCode, you can still generate app only for iPhone or iPad)
  • Landscape&Protrait View Support (Auto resizing when screen rotate)
  • Swipe Navigation, Pinch Zoom and Single Tap Gesture Support
  • Local&Web Image&XML Support (Both xml or image could be load either from local or your http server)
  • Thumbnails Navigation
  • Slideshow Auto Play/Stop
  • Header&Bottom Bar Auto Hide/Display when do Single Tap
  • Background Music and Background Image/Color
  • Social Links
  • Smooth Transitions (Performance well with frequently touch operations)
  • Carefully Handle Memory Management
  • XCODE 4 Project (All code is written with Objective-C, well organized and commented, makes it flexible use for senior users)


  • Multiple Layers, for each page, multiple layers solution enable you to make your App special and unique. Currently, you can use multiple images in one page. Video, audio and text layers will be support later.
  • Page Jump Functions for Each Layer, if you want layers of images on one page work as button, you could use this feature. When you click the image layer, it will shift to the target page which has been defined in XML .


Dolphin App Template is XML Driven, basically, you only need to prepare your assets (images/audios) and config the XML , then generate your own EBook or Slideshow App, no Objective-C programming skill needed. You should have a mac with XCode 4 installed before you start. Do not worry if you have no experience on how to use XCode, check tutorials for get started. For those who have experience with XCode, there is also advanced tutorials of Dolphin Template usage, do not miss them out.


To give you a more detail information about Dolphin Template, we provide online documents(including XML explanation and usage samples), you could check them first before you make decisions. Just click here.


We know that put an App generated by Dolphin Template on App Store will really make sense. So here it is – Attractions of City Nanjing, an interactive travel guide book about the beautiful city Nanjing, in China.

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It’s a free App, you can download it, and feel it by yourself. Get a close feeling what exactly Dolphin App Template can do, you will like it, it’s simply cool. (Social buttons has not been implemented when this App lauched, will upgrade later.)

We are glad to see your successful App made with Dolphin Template!


One team member in Handymood team is a featured author in Envato Marketplace, so generally, we know everything about how to do well on after selling service. And we just want to make our service even better, so we set up our support forum, for FAQ and general questions, check here.


  • Video/Audio/Text Layers
  • More Type of Transitions
  • ...

We expect Doplin App Teample can help you to extend business&branding on iPhone/iPad platform. There is still long way to make our templates become shiny, so any advice on improve our product is welcome, thanks:)

Visit http://handymood.com for more information.
BLOG : http://handymood.com/blog