A clean and simple XML Image Gallery, to show your pictures easily without having all kinds of detractive nonsense.

UPDATE September 15 2009:
-After populair request a version without the album selection is now added to the the file (both in .swf and .fla). So you get two for one!

-The gallery content is XML-driven, all needed to make it work is using the correct links to your images in the xml file.
-The gallery supports multiple albums. Again a change to the xml-file is all that’s needed to add, change or remove albums.
-Images are shown without any distracting elements or flashy menu’s
-Browsing can be done both through a slide with thumbnails and by prev/next when viewing a full image.
-This gallery can work with both images and swf files.

Easy customizable:
- Thumbnail size and display
- Grid in which the thumbnails are displayed
- Menu text, fonts and colours

-Customization of the fonts now works correctly
-You can now choose in the preview to fade the thumbs or make them invisible. To do this simply click on one of the buttons and then click on a thumbnail to see the effect.