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Simplicity ! make a button Says logout and just tell it on press goto Frame 1 and it should just restart

Suggestion It would be nice to add couple buttoms and per image persented.

Example Image one buttom 1 APPROVED buttom 2 NOT APPROVED if buttom 2 is press so get text field with questions Corrections Need it? Wrong File? Replace File Other – Text Field Shows up Explain. When each image is reviewed so another Buttom to send the info colelcted to a data base. You can call this one SEND REVIEWED ART


Nice file.

Is it possible to use this for uploading downloading artwork files in a Designer agency website? I mean, I need to upload/download .ZIP, .PDF, .TIF, .JPG files to share with clients and Print Bureau. Is this system useful for that? Can the users leave comments for each file they upload (ex: print instructions for each artwork file)?

Answers to these few questions will be important ao I can decide if I buy this file.

Thank you, jrsilva

You can provide a “download” link in the top comment area to any files you have online. It doesn’t allow for comments, unfortunately.


thank you for the fast reply :)

Kind regards, jrsilva

Nice Work i want to but this. I have a question.. Can you put a .swf file inside the client area like a pic.. ? Thanks a lot..

Loading .swf files requires that you have a preloader in the swf as well as an invisible shape the size of the swf’s stage area. Here is an example:


Sorry for this inconvenience. I originally built the file to only show images.

oh dajovion, 666 purchased…mmmhhh…good job but bad number…absolutely ypu must to sell another one of it…


dajovion tell me please you can add only image?

Is this script dead? Are there any future updates planned? Am I to understand that standard text cannot be added…just pictures?



I’ve been saying it for years now, but I should have a new version out this year.

Yes, this doesn’t display text in the image area. You can only post text in the comment box at the top.

If anyone can modify this video gallery:


..in order for it to work in the client area, I would be eternity grateful!

Thanks, Rob

How can I remove “ryanterry@gmail.com” from appearing in the search engine results when my page is indexed?

I believe that’s listed in the .fla file on the first frame. Try removing that.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this template. It looks great. I want to link it to my product catalog so that a client can click on a photo in the catalog and have it show up in their client area. Would this be possible? I’m still learning and am very new to working with these templates. Appreciate your response and help. Thanks,

Hi, It was a great one to communicate with my clients. Currently most of my clients are using Ipad and iPhone..

Will you please make one in HTML or PHPformat?

Thousand thanks!


I guess after one of the latest flash updates the client area stopped working! I came here to check and I can see that it acts the same way – the comments change when I click through buttons but the image doens’t show. On my one I can also see that the background color changes as configured in xml file but the images also won’t load (both fo miniatures and large ones) I checked and see that the PRO version works so it has to be something with this version. Any chance for an update?

Hi… I purchased your item long time back…Everything was working fine…suddenly not sure..why image alone is not showing up inside the frame… It is showing login box..accepting userid./password..and loads all the tabs, description…but in the center viewer..it is not displaying images for any tabs… This was working like a charm…..previously…. nothing changed….actually.. the image is .PNG file and it was showing awesome….not sure what happened…any reason ?

please check at http://www.letterforms.org/classrooms/index.html

user: library pass: library

I tried freshly downloading your template and the same problem with that also… I am using IE 9 . do I have to download any flash separately? I mean it was working before on the same laptop… please let me know at yvenkat@gmail.com