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love the clouds

nice and realistic clouds

Very cool. I love how they go towards you and not just right to left. Good job.

Thanks folks. Check out my grassy carousel

Wow, this is my favourite among your creations. The perspective makes it look real, I’m sure it’s gonna sell like hot cakes!

hi -

is this scalable if i want to use it as a background.swf ?

sandlog, yes the clouds are scalable. It’s line art with filters applied. Each cloud has its own layer in the Cloud Folder, so highlight all the clouds and use the scale tool.


I’ve got a question, is the global clouds animation total random or is it a defined one you created ? It seems the clouds are changing slighty of direction. Can you tell me a bit more ?

Thank you.

humbucker, the clouds animations are graphics that repeat in various layers at different speed, so never the same sky appears.


does this effect automatically fade to night with the actual time and fade back to day with the actual time. if so can i change the effects and make a sun rise and set as the day and night come and go.

thank you.


The clouds and day and night skies are in different layers, and the day and night are in two scenes. One can build a sunrise by changing the background sky while the clouds run in a higher layer.

Can this be used as a background image for a webpage?

I don’t think flash animations can be used as a background to a web page. Only gif’s and jpegs can be used.

This is really very realistic , very smooth and very nicely done…:)