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Discussion on Coming Soon Animation V3 Micro Site Page

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can you elaborate on how to replace the logo and adding the network links. It just doesn’t make sense to people who are not fluent in flash.

It’s like telling a person who can’t drive to, open door, drive car. They would stare at you and expect more direction.

It’s just not as simple as you are saying, “open logo mc, replace logo” What does that mean?


I agree with chrisbecream I just bought the file and config it to suit my website,was able to change the contact txt and the about txt but the logo frustrated me …then I decided I will use it with out logo uploaded it to find the coming soon action not in the center of the page.

It’s really annoying to buy the file then you will have to hire a freelancer to edit the file for you

so after all the fill will cost you at least 20 $ , 5 $ for the file + 15 $ for the freelancer . :’(

Sorry, how do you change the length of the countdown to coincide with the launch of the site??

HI XandaRied,

Open the .Fla, next In the library Doble click on “COUNTDOWNHOLDER” movie clip. Go to the first frame and in the code only put the new date.

You will see:

//- Enter your date here -//

var year = 2012; <---——Here put the year var month = 12; <---——Here put the month var day = 21; <---——Here put the day

//- Enter your date here -//

This is frustrating. I thought that this template would be simiple to edit like the templates on blu domain that happen to be flash, but the edit is like MS word. I have no idea how to make the minor edits that I want to make for this template (which I bought, unfortunately).

How do I replace the current logo, with my logo? How do I change the colors of the words, and background? How do I change the counter to know what today’s date is, and the date that the website will go live?

I’m not a programmer, but it seems that you have to be one to do these usually simple edits.


Can I get a refund. This is too difficult to edit

no instructions on what app to open it with.. no instructions on how to do various steps.. irritating.

I figured out what app, but figuring out the rest is draining. I’ve bought templates before and they were simple to edit even for a baby.. this is the worse

how can i edit .fla file ?