Complete, animated ‘coming soon’ under construction HTML page template with XML custom external logo, adjustable multiline textblock with tags support, alternative URL link, colors and TV interference ON/OFF. Cartoon retro-styled mechanism animation centered in browser window. Your logo is clickable with custom URL.

Also take a look at HTML5 version of this animation here on Themeforest:


- Classic cartoon frame-by-frame animation.

- Ready to upload index.html page with animation centered in browser.

- Easy to use, you can change logo file, text block, colors (background, outlines, fills) and links without recompile original .fla file.

- Archive include templates for inserting your logo in .FLA, .PSD, .PNG format. Also included two .XML skins, like in this preview.

- Fully vectorized and can be resized.

- Two .FLA versions, for Flash 8 and Flash CS3.

- Version without XML also included in archive, just all-in-one-file animation.

- Detailed help file.

- 24 fps.

Enjoy and don’t forget to rate!

Files included: FLA, SWF, HTML, JS, XML, PSD, PNG, DOC

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