The Compact News Viewer v2.0 is an XML news viewer. It’s a great way to present your latest news when you don’t have much space! It’s perfect for HTML or Flash websites. It has many great features…

New features in this version

  • now you can easily resize the news viewer to any size just by changing the width and height within the XML document!
  • change the colour of the headings, links, rollover effects, etc just by changing the values in the XML document!
  • the intro text for the articles can now be any length
  • new overall style!

Features from Compact News Viewer v1.0

  • It is updated by editing an XML file. It’s very easy! Add as many news items as you like!
  • The full news articles can contain HTML text. CSS styles for links (with hover!) are already set up for you in the flash file.
  • You can add unlimited news items with automatic scrolling on mouse over. If the full news items are long scroll arrows appear so you can scroll down and view the whole article.
  • Since the full news articles are HTML, they can contain images and swfs as well as other HTML formatting such as lists, bold, underline, etc.

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Compact Image 
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