Contact form with DropDown menu

Very interesting contact form with DropDown menu… you can modify it how ever you want because the code is very simple and easy to use.


  1. Custom subject message
  2. Collect IP Address of the sender
  3. Collect Browser info from the sender (browser name and version)
  4. Reply directly to the sender email address
  5. Check if all fields are filled
  6. Verify if @ is present in the email field
  7. Tab Index activated (when you hit tab to jump form field to field)
  8. DropDown menu (you can add or remove items from the menu)
  9. Reply the sent result (message sent or not sent).

NOTE there are no comments inside the code and there is no help file.

EDIT: I did some research and on some servers the PHP code is not reading the variables. You need to put this code at the beginning of the PHP code:

// read the variables form the string

$theName = $_REQUEST["theName"]; $theEmail = $_REQUEST["theEmail"]; $theMessage = $_REQUEST["theMessage"]; $theChoice = $_REQUEST["theChoice"];

//Enjoy!! :)