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FLASH CONTENT SLIDER Universal Banner Rotator/Slider


If you need universal media player – use CONTENT SLIDER that utility allow you load media content such as JPG , PNG – images, GIF animation, SWF movie, FLV , MP4 video format, mp3 music, YouTube video and etc.

Unique features enables you to load to flash most popular media content in website. It is suitable for any environment you need, thanks to a built-in-mask that can be easily placed in any desired location.

Utility provides following features:

a) XML i Easy way edit of XML data, just add links path to your assets; ii Smart detection of file extensions and automatic definition suitable media player; iii Simple structure of XML file.

b) Video i FLVPlayback and custom install any skins for that player; ii Automatic stop and play video content in Utility;

I YouTube API player allow playing video from the youtube;
II Automatically setup and play when content load;
III Smart detection of links of youtube.

c) Music i Simple player for listen music content; ii Automatic stop and play music in Utility.

d) GIF files i Can load any gif files; ii After loading gif – automatic play that file, because inside GifPlayer class.

e) Images files i Can load JPG , JPEG, PNG file; ii Can add more formats.

f) SWF i Can load SWF files, only animation (WITHOUT AS).

You can customize more settings for Utility: Specify any new formats content and add other player of content; Specify path to the XML file in AS3 code; Remote by keyboard and mouse wheel; Optional specify links. Can add Vimeo api (Helpful class include);

You can easily embed the animation in your HTML , in a few simple steps: 1. Copy & paste the SWF Object code into your html file. 2. Customize the XML values for your needs.

That’s all. Good luck.

All samples are included, including an HTML sample file.