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nice file, well built ! This is a quality file, congrats !

Nice file flashlistener

Thank you all…

hi, i’m about to purchase this template. but can i js ask if the fla files have content? or purely coded from dreamweaver? thanks :]


This is Flash not HTML

before buying this template so beautiful you wonder you can load a external swf? and if an external music player and sposible or I’ll have to put extra code to remove the music player when you press the other sectio


You can load external swf files but if you want to add an advenced music player you need to add some code.

How do I save the new Main.swf file to the proper format?

What do I open and edit? and what are the steps to saving the required Main.swf file?



We fixed it with you at gtalk right viladmir :) have fun with your new site….


Sure did. Thanks flashlistener! A+ support.

Is there a way of adding the option to view the portfolio videos in full screen?

Hi, i´m exporting de Main.swf from the FLA (Flash cs4) and the new swf is a much bigger file (over 2.8 mb)!

Can you help me with this issue? Thanks in advance!


hi i am sorry but i guess you are a newbie, am i right? Because i think you puted an image or video etc.. to the fla file so new swf file much bigger than old.

sorry but no! i did not add any file to the library!

please try it, i only download the files, open the Main.fla file then export it and now Main.swf is a larger file! (2,5 MB instead of 336kb).

note that i´m not using the CS5 Flash file. THANKS

please answer meeee! i need help!


I test it millions of time but there is no problem. Please dpn’t ask this question again and again. I think you have to check your self. Mabe you change fonts or something like that. Just check yourself ok!

Hi flashlistener, I bought your template. I wanted to know how do I remove the dots from the video I post to the background in the home. thanks

Hey.. could you please tell me the name of the MP3 tracks used in the demo?

Hello flashlistener. Before buying template i want to know about links, in preview it worked only for category For ex. links to blog -> news http://s3.envato.com/files/2314888/index.html#/blog/news can i change it for items in category? For ex.: links to blog-> news-> envato rulez http://s3.envato.com/files/2314888/index.html#/blog/news/Envato-rulez

thank you.

Preview link is broken.